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Help Wanted to Deliver Letters and Leaflets!

Bury North

Freedom Church, 35 Walmersley Road, Bury BL9 5AE

09:00 - 20:00

All you wonderful people out there - we need HELP !!
Over the next few days we have two letters to deliver; one to women voters across Bury North, one to older voters, and a leaflet to every house.
This will take a huge amount of personpower, and that is where we need you to step up.
If you can give us just a couple of hours over the next few days, it would be great - and here's what you can do -
1) Turn up at the Office at The Freedom Church, 35 Walmersley Road BL9 5AE and help put the letters in envelopes ready for delivery. - a lovely sit-down job with tea and biscuits.
2) Turn up at the Office and take a round out for delivery. Please make sure you have a satnav or a phonemap to hand, as it could be anywhere in Bury North.
3) If you are a member in Bury North, get in touch with your branch Secretary/campaign co-ordinator and offer your help.
nb we particularly need deliverers in Moorside and Redvales Wards, so you might not be delivering in your own area.
Easy peasy - please - Just Do It !!!!
One big push over the weekend and we can do this, with your help.
Win for Labour


Thanks for all your hard work during this past General Election. We couldn't have done it without you.

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